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Can we check the mics? Can we check the mics? Alriiiight! Heeeeey! Stop playing drums! Stop playing drums, please. Alright, because I need to check the mics—Can you stop your drummer!? Thank you! Now we can check the microphones. Go ahead, anybody. Alright, I have you, next…

Sound guy from the Full Cup from Above the Boulevard’s “What Happens When…” set.  (via statenislandlocalshowcloset)

Found this SI music scene blog. Very curious about who they’re talking about. Sounds to me like a sound guy doing his job, no? Ah let’s all be friends and work together, right? Make music.

P.S. Don’t Kill Van Kull. That’s it.

Hey. You. You guys.

We are finally going back into the studio this week to finish wrapping up our second full length album. I’m really excited for it. We’re really proud of these songs and what this album is going to be when it’s all done. We know that you’ll love it. Seriously. Out!

We went on the legendary Staten Island Comedy Show and played a song LIVE!!!!(?) Watch it now before it goes back in the Les Vinyl Vault!

We’re Back! 4 Live Shows In July! Get Tickets


Holy cow. I never update this site.  

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We’re getting the ticket info together and will be on the main page in the next day of two.  Can’t wait to see you guys again.


Les vinyl supports this big time.


The Big Christmas Show is finally here. We take the stage at Union Hall tomorrow night.

Plus…HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO CASEY JOST!! Send him your lovin.
Les vinyl supports this big time.


The Big Christmas Show is finally here. We take the stage at Union Hall tomorrow night.

Plus…HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO CASEY JOST!! Send him your lovin.

Omg. Finally back in the studio all day today. Casey has been killing his guitar tracks for more than half the album’s songs. Next up: Jenny finishes guitar tracks, and then start from scratch on a bunch of new ones we’ve finished since we started recording a few months back. GET EXCITED.

If you didn’t see the post before, or you didn’t recognize the song, or you just didn’t listen to it because you hate me, here’s the scoop:

The song is called We’re Feeling This by Monty Love. Set out on a course to download everything by them ever. You might find the acoustic version that Monty did somewhere, but the real version is one of the funnest & greatest songs you could ever hear at 16 years old. They were a Staten Island punk rock band for about six or seven years and they were easily the greatest live band I’ve ever seen. Their shows were fun and involved everyone; we all sang together, danced together, and woke up the next morning with bruises (we bruised together, but we didn’t wake up together…) from the funnest and most raucous shows ever. The lead singer of the band is my brother, which gave me a more personal connection to the band. Jay, being involved in music himself, encouraged me to be involved in the music scene in any way that I could. I take a lot of pride in the work I did as a photographer for a few years, documenting what I saw happening in the scene. Eventually, that scene teetered off and nothing was as interesting to me in the SI music scene. A few years later, I reconnected with some of those people I had known from high school days. I started going to shows and becoming interested in seeing bands again and being a part of something. I joined LV to be a part of something again and I love every second of it. Monty Love is a huge part of the reason why I love making music and performing and making sure people have fun at our shows.

So, this song I recorded is for you, our fans, as a fun little treat while we’re recording; it’s for Monty Love fans; and it’s for Monty Love, the single-most influential band of my life. Thanks, guys!!

Download We’re Feeling This by Jenny here:


And shit, watch some Monty Love videos. Feel free to get up and dance, fuckers!

Monty Love Live - Friendlys/Holla Back! (via deboisfndead)

I (meaning jenny) am recording a song by myself tonight. It’s not a Les Vinyl song and it’s not an original. It’s a classic from my teenage years. Will be up soon!!

I’m Feeling This

I did it, you guys! I really did it!

Here it is. A song from one of my favorite bands of all time, but slightly more off key. I’m not the best singer. Enjoy!!